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C27 Frozen Snowflake Flip 3

C27 Frozen Snowflake Flip 3

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This snowflake flip was requested by Paty De Leon... Requested might be a bit understated. The main snowflake is approximately 1.75". A larger version of this snowflake is also available in the Storm line.

Our Flips line of stencils are designed to be symmetrical so you can just turn and rotate the stencils to go right around the face. You don't need to use a second stencil to mirror your background texture on the opposite side.

In addition, we included a second centerpiece design to give you more options when creating your designs.

This stencils works great with both a sponge or airbrush.

Dimensions are approximately 4" x 4.5"

All stencils are laser cut from 7 mil mylar. They are durable, easy to clean and solvent proof.