0.7mm Deluxe Quick Change Airbrush Bundle

0.7mm Deluxe Quick Change Airbrush Bundle

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This Kit Includes:

(2) Airbrush Guns
(10) 0.7mm Color Cartridges 
(1) 10-Cartridge Stand with Mounting Clamp and Holder
(1) Wire Cleaner
(10) Short Bottle Lids
(1) Pack of Rubber Protective Tips

1. Unique gravity-feed airbrush to enable quick color change in seconds.
2. External mix
3. No need to clean airbrush between color changes.
4. Easy paint filling
5. Save space, cost and time with the 6-in-1 design.
6. Adjustable paint flow and spray patterns
7. Easy maintenance and cleaning.
8. Clog Free design

IMPORTANT! Please be advised that due to manufacturing changes, the cartridges only work in the newest RED airbrush guns sold from 2021 and after, and they are no longer producing the older cartridges from EBA or Victor.

The older ZeroG 2 cartridges do fit the red guns, but the new cartridges do NOT fit the older Pink, Black or Silver guns.

Action: Single Action
Feed Type: Top Gravity
Nozzle Size: 0.5mm
Fluid Capacity: 15cc
Weight: 135g
Length: 85mm
Working Pressure: 10-60 psi

Required air supply: 1/8 HP Mini compresser (NOT included)

We recommend OOH! Hybrid Airbrush Makeup for this kit. It is what we use, and it works perfectly. The consistency of the makeup is ideal with very little clogging.