Here We Go! Ooh Body Art Stencils are HERE!

I started out just making stencils for myself because quite honestly I didn't see what I wanted in the market. There are tons of patterns and whatnot, but I wanted stencils that were easy to work with my own style.

What I've come up with are a few stencils designed to work the way I paint, and hopefully the way a lot of you paint as well. I've spent most of the summer testing everything out, making tweaks here and there and in some cases started from scratch to  make sure that each stencils works fantastic.

The stencil used in the image the Star Wrap. What's really makes this great is that the stencils is symmetrical. You just rotate or "flip" the stencil as you go around the face. You no longer need to have two stencils or have to clean your stencil to mirror the pattern.

Next, the design also tapers allowing you to end it naturally. I also added a second "centerpiece" design for the forehead. And of course, if you plan it out ahead where you marks are going to be, you just omit those sections of the stencil.

Anyway, I don't know how often you can expect to see these little blogs, or if anyone will ever read them, but I hope you at least find the stencils useful, and my ramblings tolerable.

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