Designing A Great Stencil


Designing the perfect stencil is literally an impossible task; one that I love and a goal I strive for, but something that rarely happens.

No matter how great "you" think a stencil is, someone will always think it can be better; and often times they are correct.

With this new round of stecnils; the Mermaids and Fairies, I tried to create designs that not only looked great, but cut down on the "dangly bits" that stencils like this often have.

I spent several months reworking the designs, testing them, and tinkering again until I came up with what I hope are some unique stencils for my customers.

With all that said, please keep in mind that Mermaids and Faires are DELICATE creatures. When using and cleaning them, please be gentle. Apply your face paint from the outside in and be mindful not to bend the edges up.

When cleaning, honestly your fingers and some warm soapy water work best. Let them sit for a few minutes in the water and then gently rub the face paint off.

If you're using airbrush however, then you already know they will apply easy and you're used to the clean up.

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